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[IP] Important Lesson Learned

Last night I learned a very important lesson.  Jess was high all day long at
the babysitters.  Boluses didn't seem to be working at all, she stayed at a
constant number all day.  Got home and changed site and insulin and sent her
outside to play.  Hour and a half later when she should have been back to
normal she was still at the same range she had been all day.  Changed
everything again, opening a new bottle of insulin.  Slowly number started to
drop until she completely bottomed out at midnight.  We then fought a low
that lasted for over an hour.  Now this is 5 hours after her last bolus and
her basals are relatively low (0.2) during this time.  Apparently all the
insulin she bolused throughout the day just pooled up and absorbed finally
when she lay down to sleep.  What a nightmare!  

But the point of this, the lesson I learned, was to make sure your Emergency
Glucagon Kit is still good.  When I pulled mine out just in case (Yes, she
was that bad) liquid was gone, and it had expired 4 months ago.  Pumping, we
don't run into the need for a kit as much as we would think of it on MDI,
but nasty things can still happen.  We will be getting ours refilled today,
and I will make a note on my calendar to check it reglarly.  Thankfully,
after 60g of carbs (about 1 1/2 meals for her) Jessica went to bed at 96 and
woke up at 76 and is fine.  Still on the low side this morning which
surprised me as I thought she would rebound high.  Today I am exhausted
mentally and physically but a bit wiser.  Just don't even want to think what
could have happened without that Glucagon last night.


Living with diabetes for the last 8 of Jessica's 8 1/2 years of life and
still learning!

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.10 years & Jarred, 9

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