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[IP] Different HA1C'S

Hi Everyone,
I have had some interesting results with my HA1C's in the past few weeks and
was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them.
When I went to see my endo on 4/28 he drew blood to check my A1C and then I
had an appointment with my Family Practice Dr. who wanted some other blood
work along with an A1C done.  So I had two tests done by two different labs.
My Endo's lab my result came back as 7.3 and my Family Practice doc's lab
came back as 6.4.  Now I think that is quite a difference and when I had
another appointment with my Family Practice doc I told him about the
difference and he wanted to do another one along with a lipid panel.
Well yesterday I was at the clinic with my daughter and asked him to check
the results of the latest lab work.  My A1C was 6.3 this time!  Now talk
about strange!
Of course both doc's say that their lab is the accurate one and I myself
would rather have the 6.3 or the 6.4 but who is right?
My lipid panel came back very good also.
Has anyone had two different results like this?  I wouldn't care if the
results weren't so different but I would like to know what is what.
and pump buddy Blue Star

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