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Re: [IP] Not pumping yet...MM 508 question

In a message dated 5/30/00 12:16:22 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So, onward.  Where do you all put your pump??  I would consider a belt 
clip if I am wearing a blazer or outer shirt.  I figure the bra thing is not 
going to work cause, well, there's just not enough "cushion" to hide it in!!  
Pocket might work on "pants" days, but do you sew a hole in your pocket for 
the tubing??

Hi there

Pumps in pockets -- if it's an in-seam pocket, you can rip out a few stitches 
in the seam (large enough to thread the clip part of your infusion set 
through) and baste the ripped part down on either side. I have one dress with 
"kangaroo" pockets that I took to a seamstress and had her sew a buttonhole 
about halfway down the inside of the pocket to thread the tubing through. My 
pump also does well clipped to a nice, blue satin garter from Victoria's 
Secret or to the top of my thigh-high hose.

BTW, speaking of pockets (and on another subject) would anybody care to join 
me in a campaign to get Lands End to PUT THE POCKETS BACK ON their otherwise 
excellent sleep-tees? They can't seem to understand why anybody would need a 
pocket in a nightshirt. (They must think we all roll our cigarettes up in our 
sleeves. LOL)

Jan (and Elvis)
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