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[IP] delayed strips in CENTRAL FLORIDA

Folks, the service which sends me strips for Accu-Chek Complete is a
complete mess... they used to bill me three times in a row for the same
thing and if I don't keep the recipt I was bad... But now the worse
happened -
I went past Thrusday (before the holiday of Memorial Day) to make a HbA1c
test and to get in person my strips, so I would have security that I would
them with me during the holiday - my stock was finishing.

They said that the pack was sent and I wouldn't be worried - the pack would
arrive on Friday or Saturday.

Friday? Nope.

Saturday? Nope.

Hmmmm... Tuesday, when I was running out of strips? NO!!! IT DIDN'T

I called them and the attendant was rude, without ability to solve the
question. I asked
to deliver me a bottle and they would send me one less in the following

No, they didn't. They said thay could NOT do that.

I'll proceed less tests until tomorrow because I have a 10 strip-bottle...
let's see if
it arrive on Wednesday.

Yes - if the service does not change... I'll change.

By the way, my current HbA1c is 4.8%.

email @ redacted

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