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[IP] going off pump

email @ redacted wrote:
>  Started back on shots! I could not get my sugars down for 3 days 
> and am feeling pretty bad right now-I think part of my problem is I 
> have 2 fatty tumors on lower abdomen and

There are LOTS of other places to use the pump.  Check the web site.  I 
personally am using my legs right now...upper to outer thigh...I don't have 
much fat there (soo-prise  soo-prize), so I do tend to get some pump bumps 
there, but i am trying to give my belly a rest.  There are those on the list 
who use the upper chest adn arm area.

Don't let a mere 3 bad days get you off the pump - even a bad week on the 
pump is better than being on shots and havig your LIFE CONTROLLED by 
diabetes, rather than you controlling it.  Put it back on...test often and 
correct very conservatively until you get off the roller coaster.  get those 
lumps taken care of -= they probably ARE causing some of your problems - 
physiologically or mentally - both can have an affect

You could be getting more resistant to insulin, or you could have an 
infection somewhere you don't know about, or maybe you are PMSing?  my basal 
needs go up .1 to .2 per hour the entire week before my period...



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