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[IP] sterilization

ruth asked
>  what about sterilization?   IV prep prior to benzoin?

I think that, unless you are sticking your body part in one of them autoclave 
machines (or what ever you call them), or if you can handle the heat needed 
to sterilize in boiling water, there is really NO way you can truly sterilize 
yourself!    Even with benzoin, betadine, or whatever swab of choice.  
well...a well placed kick on a GUY might do it...but I just don;t think it is 
possible to make it 100% STERILE!!!  

You can loosen the guk with alcohol and wash MOST of them off with soap and 
water...just don't dry them with that e-coli infested dish towel, and don't 
air dry them in front of your snotty nosed 2 year old...

but it is still gonna be a crap shoot if you get an infection or not.  Not to 
jinx myself, but in over 7 years of plain old alcohol, soap and water and a 
little bard skin prep, I have never had an infection...got me a NICE bruise 
on my leg right now where I ripped my pants down just a shade too fast, just 
a shade too many times...was worried it was gonna be a gusher....but 
fortunately not....

(look it up on the web site under FAQ)

"I can see at last, I can see at last, praise whatever almighty, i can see at 

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