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[IP] not pumping yet(re)

Deanna, I certainly understand your feelings about wearing the pump. I don't
go out of my way to hide it, but do feel slightly self conscious if I realize
others can see it. I don't think it would bother me if they just saw it and
asked about it, I just can't stand it when I think they see it and think I am
some freak or something, I am not working at the present time, so I pretty
much just wear jeans and blouses that are just over my waist area. I just wear
the pump  in the leather case and clip and hook it to the "tiny pocket". I
guess if you wanted to really hide it you could get many suggestions from
others on the list. As for the "clicking" sound the pump makes, well you
really don't hear it under normal circumstances. As a matter of fact, my
husband only noticed the clicking after I had worn the pump for almost 2
years. I think it just all takes time to adjust to and soon you will feel
naked without your pump! Good luck. Denise  

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