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Re: [IP] Minimed vs disetronic

Hi Lena, I use a Disetronic pump and I like it very well.  It administers a 
dose of insulin every 3 min and it will administer a bolus anytime I need 
one.  I know that is over simplifying it but that's what they are both are 
designed to do isn't it. 
Actually I do now have a Mini Med 507c that was given to me by the father of 
a type 1 who now has a 508.  He thought that my H-Tron plus looked old and 
just must not work as well as his daughters old 507c.  He was a little pushy 
about it so I just took it and said thanks.
Anyway my H-Tron + is only a few months old and I will continue pumping with 
it.  The Disetronic does look more sturdy and weighs more.  The 507c is a 
much better looking pump though and I know it has some very nice features I 
wish I had on my Disetronic.  So there you go, my 2 cents worth, just get a 
pump and you'll be healthier and happy I'm sure.
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