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[IP] Tincture of Benzoin Gorilla Snot

Tincture of Benzoin is an alcoholic extract from Peruvian Balsam trees and
is sometimes called "Balsam of Peru" It is all natural and is non toxic and
probably dishwasher and microwave safe. It is used to secure adhesive tape
and adhesive dressings to the skin. It works by being very tacky after the
alcohol evaporates. It can be applied by a cotton ball. There is a
commercial product called Tin-Ben but it doesn't need to be used as the
regular Tincture works just as well. You wipe it on the skin. Alcohol need
not be used but if you do use it, wait until it evaporates. I find that
sills do not move when applied on a thin coating of dried tincture of
benzoin. YMMV of course, You can apply IV 300 or Tegaderm over the the dried
tincture of benzoin. The IV Preps smell like Benzoin a bit so they probably
contain the resin. It washes off with soap and water. AB

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