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Have you ruled out all other possibilities? Such as bad infusion sites, bad
insulin, or possibly some sort of infection? Even week batteries? About a
month ago, I was having a lot of unexplained higher than normal blood sugars.
I finally decided to go and get some new insulin. As soon as I started the new
insulin, my blood sugars returned to normal again. As for using the abdomen
for 2 years, I don't think it would cause a problem if you are rotating sites
as recommended. I have used my abdomen for 3 years next month on the pump and
probably another 13 prior with shots. I am on the thin side also, only 100
lbs., so sites for me seem limited also. But I did try my upper buttocks-hip
area before, and this worked well too. I think I would try to rule out as much
as possible before going off the pump, especially if you are going to have
surgery soon. Good luck! Denise

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