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Re: [IP] Not pumping yet...MM 508 question

The pump was the best thing I ever did! You wont regret it.  

As far was being openly diabetic, eventually you will become 
comfortable with it.  And trust me, the pump is much more discrete 
than taking shots.  

The clicking of the pump bothered me at first, it seemed it was so 
loud!  But it really isnt. I was the only one who seemed to be able 
to hear it because when I asked other people, they didnt even know 
what "clicking" I was talking about.  I hardly even notice it 
anymore, and once in a while Im convinced my pump isnt working 
and hold it close to my ear so I can hear a click and be reassured.

I wear my pump right on my waist or when Im wearing jeans I just 
clip it to the pocket.  It been six months on the pump now, and no 
one has ever asked me what it was except occasionally when I pull 
it out to bolus.

Good luck on the pump! It could change your life.


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