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[IP] Not pumping yet...MM 508 question

Hi folks, 

I have been staring at my MM508 and supplies for about a month now.  Sort of afraid to make that leap.  I have a start up appt scheduled for 6/19.  Ready or not. Apparently a four hour office appointment and I go home pumping. YIKES!

I hope I'm not being overly vain here, but I find myself thinking this whole thing would be much easier if I could stay home (i.e. not work).  Which must mean I have issues with the outward sign I have diabetes. (yup).  But then I argue which is more important, my life or my job?? ARGH!

So, onward.  Where do you all put your pump??  I would consider a belt clip if I am wearing a blazer or outer shirt.  I figure the bra thing is not going to work cause, well, there's just not enough "cushion" to hide it in!!  Pocket might work on "pants" days, but do you sew a hole in your pocket for the tubing??

And one last question...what is with the clicking noise?
Am I to assume the pump clicks everytime 0.1u is delivered basal bolus or otherwise??  Doesn't that get annoying?  or do I just notice because it is in my hand and I'm playing with it?

Sorry for the long post, I'm just still in the phase of becoming comfortable with the whole idea.

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