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[IP] IP: short lancing devices and free meters

Thought that I'd pass this along as I know many have asked about these things 

I was looking for some diabetes supplies online and came across two short 
lancing devices.  I have never seen them in person, but in case anyone wants 
to check them out and let us know - the web site www.diabetic.com has the 
Qwik-let jr. for $9.95 and the Autolet mini two-pack for $6.25 listed under 
the first 3 items listed.  If anyone has used these devices, please write to 
tell us how they are.  The sizes seem to be 1 1/4 inch to 2 inches in length.

The next thing is that I have been looking for a blue Precision QID since I 
saw one at the most recent JDF meeting.  I finally called the MEDISENSE at 
800-527-3339 to ask where I could get one, and they said they could send it 
to me.  Great!  The man asked what meter I was using now, and I told him 
Accucheck Complete.  Since I wasn't using one of theirs - they will send it 
free of charge.  I didn't even realize this until I asked the gentleman if he 
could include the rebate paperwork when he shipped the product, and to my 
delight he said.. oh.. there's no charge.  He hoped that I had an old meter 
to send (it can't be their brand though) but when I told him I didnt think I 
had one to spare, he said no problem, he'd send it anyway.  Hope this info 
helps someone.  Take care!

IDDM almost 24  years
25 yo
Pumping with Tabitha my blue minimed 508 since 3/07/00 
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