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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #205

Hi I have been on Mimined 507 for over 2 years and I removed it yesterday and 
Started back on shots! I could not get my sugars down for 3 days and am 
feeling pretty bad right now-I think part of my problem is I have 2 fatty 
tumors on lower abdomen and I can not use this area anylonger for my site-I 
moved it to upper abs (not a lot of fat anywhere else)PLEASE SOMEONE has this 
every happenned to you-I am getting the lumps removed soon and then will go 
back to my pump But I am frustrated here and tryimg hard-COULD I BE RESISTANT 
to insulin or is it just the scar tissue(I HAVE USED THE SAME SITE_ABDOMEN) 
for 2 years??
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