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[IP] Tendon Cysts, Trigger Finger, Get Second Opinion Now !

Get a second opinion now on your finger tendon problem.  You need a surgeon
that has the extra TRAINING and INTEREST in treating problems in the hands
and fingers.  You need to ask around and get some other names of Docs that
do these corrections frequently.  The correction of this condition is very
similar to what is done to correct carpal tunnel problems of the wrist.
  There is a possibility that by the time your finger is displaced 1", the
muscles that control the finger will have shortened.  To stretch the muscles
to let the finger be straight again is difficult to do.  The operation to
correct trigger finger is usually fairly simple.  Normally the condition
will not be self correcting with out surgery.   I have had 3 corrected so
far and all fingers now work perfectly with no more  pain.  The recovery
time varies in different cases.
Charles Soderstrom  Retired dentist.  Diagnosed age 19 Type I, 46 years ago.
Pumping 3 1/2 yrs

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