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Re: [IP] Lumps under sites


Me too with the lumps.  I've been pumping 16 years and it was worse with 
steel needle infusion sets.  (When I first started pumping I don't think bent 
needles were even available).  If the site is warm to the touch, get on the 
phone to the doctors for oral antibiotics.  If slightly red put on either 
Betadine or Polysporin ointment and a Band-Aid and be sure to check it in 
about 12 to 18 hours.  If not looking more normal in color again call the 
Doctor.  When in doubt, especially if sugars are high for no explaination, 
call the Doctor.

I might call my doctor a lot sooner than some people but in 32 years of D, I 
have only been hospitalized once for out of control sugars (Aug 74-pre home 
blood testing) and once for uncontrolled vomiting as a reaction to when my 16 
year old younger brother had been in a car accident and I overheard that the 
doctors were thinking of amputating his badly mutilated leg.  I was out of 
the hospital in 23 hours after three or four IV fluid bags, and it took 12 
months for my brother to be released from the bone surgeon but after about 6 
major surgeries, kept his leg although it is almost an inch shorter than the 
other and he has to wear a special built up shoe.

Thank God, our family has been so blessed.

Carole H.
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