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[IP] Re:Pumpers under 40 lbs.

Hi Lisa and all others whom are curious about infusion sets.  

Natalie is two years old and weighs 24.4 lbs and hardly has any fat at all.  
We started out using the Silhouettes but found them to be a breeding ground 
for staph infections, two sites, two very major infections, antibiotics and 
keytones, etc.  

We now use the  Soft Set Micros.  They are made for very small and lean 
people, so far we have been using them since St. Patricks Day and no 
infections!!  So I suggest the Micros.  They are so much less trouble to 
insert too.  

FYI--Our CDE didn't want us to use them and I suggested it and with great 
hestation they finally gave in after the two infections she had in February.  
So I now follow my gut instincts more!

Hope this helps.  

Lord Bless you, Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two girls
Amy 12
Natalie 2- --Pumping as of 2/18/2000
and baby due in January 2001 
May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes 
Jer. 29: 11

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