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Re: [IP] Air Bubbles

On 29 May 00, at 9:13, RoseLea wrote:

> -glass cartridges tend to collect bubbles in the space around the plastic
> filling fitting that sticks out the top of the cartridge.  No matter what
> you do, you can't get those out until you turn the cartridge upside down
> and then they tend to float to the other end where they collect.  

Which has a benefit in that the bubble tends to stay in the 
cartridge rather than coming out into the tubing.  ;>)
> I spend nearly an hour trying to fill the glass cartridges and the
> persistant bubbles won't go out.  I definitely don't have time for this in
> the am and tried filling an extra this morning for use next time, but I'm
> afraid that it will have the "magic bubble" (see above) after lying flat
> for awhile.  Does anyone have problems with prefilling glass cartridges
> and what solutions have they found?

I spend about 5 minutes filling a cartridge, sometimes less.  I try to 
collect the bubbles and expel them into the bottle of Reg. first, then 
I top off with the Humalog.  If I end up with a "magic bubble" I try to 
keep the pump inverted and then I have no problem from the bubble.

> cartridge.  Why can't all cartridges come pre-filled?  That would sure
> make life easier.

Because that wouldn't allow me to mix my insulins and that would 
make life harder for me.  :>(


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