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[IP] Air Bubbles

Some observations from a newbie pumper regarding air bubbles in cartridges.
Fills are all done with air temp insulin left out of fridge overnight.

-glass cartridges tend to collect bubbles in the space around the plastic
filling fitting that sticks out the top of the cartridge.  No matter what
you do, you can't get those out until you turn the cartridge upside down and
then they tend to float to the other end where they collect.  This may
account for the bubbles many pumpers find in the bottoms of their cartridges
when they remove them from the pump (the magic bubbles).

-plastic cartridges don't have the problem as the glass ones since they're
all one piece, but plastic cartridges seem to get more of the teeny
champagne bubbles (which I don't worry about at this point in time).

I spend nearly an hour trying to fill the glass cartridges and the
persistant bubbles won't go out.  I definitely don't have time for this in
the am and tried filling an extra this morning for use next time, but I'm
afraid that it will have the "magic bubble" (see above) after lying flat for
awhile.  Does anyone have problems with prefilling glass cartridges and what
solutions have they found?

What about air bubbles?  I'll look for any tricks out there to make this
filling situation easier.  The D-Tron pump with it's prefilled cartridges is
beginning to look better and better every time I have to change out a
cartridge.  Why can't all cartridges come pre-filled?  That would sure make
life easier.

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000 learning new things everyday.

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