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Re: [IP] "Vixen" Antibiotics for dentistry -

This is a case of YMMV. I am 51 and had scarlet fever when I was little. It
can affect the heart plus now I have other health problems. So for me..I
would rather be safe. BTW,
we cannot diagnose on the list so please don't tell people " I bet you
don't have it" when you know nothing about our health and health history:)
My doctor tells me other wise and I will follow my medical teams advice
before I follow anything on any internet list.
Thank you,

>I don't know why all this stuff got started. Unless you have valvular heart
>disease and have damage to the valve leaflets you don't need antibiotics.
>Valvular heart disease is usually a result of rheumatic fever. It is rare
>today. If you have it you need antibiotics. I'll bet you don't have it.  My
>dad is an endodontist and did a lot of research in this area, publishing

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