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[IP] Welcome to newbies and update

To all those who just joined the list: welcome and a little advice, this
list is FANTASTIC.  I have had so many questions and either I have posted
and had helpful answers or someone else asked.  If you have a questions,
chances are someone here will be able to help with an answer.  Don't be
afraid to ask.

Second, I have been pumping now, with my white (ugh, they sent me the
wrong color) Minimed 508 for 6 days.  Good luck ever prying me away from
it as I love it.  My second day on the pump was amazing: a few lows and
nothing over 170.  Pre-pump I was lucky to pull less than two 250s a day.
My HBA1C pre-pump (day of) was 8.5.  I thought I had the morning rise, but
I have the opposite and set my basals currently at 2AM-5AM 1.2 5AM-9AM 1.0
and the rest of the day 1.4.  This is with a 1:15 ratio for boluses.
I can't wait to shock my doctor with a HBA1C of 7.5 or better in a month
or so!
dx'd at 16 4/9/97, pumping 5/23/00 
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