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[IP] Hi - welcome from a former Montanan

Hi Jaime -

This is just a quick welcome to the list from a former Montanan!  My name is
Dawn Stricker, I'm originally from the Anaconda area, but have lived in
Helena and spent the last 7 years in Bozeman until my husband and I moved
out to Oroville WA (on the Canadian border).  I am 26, was dx'd when I was
four, and have been pumping with a Disetronic H-Tron Plus since St. Patricks
Day of this year.  I have said to many of my friends that it makes me feel
like a 'non-diabetic' every once in a while.  It sure has made things a heck
of a lot easier.  I used to be a camper at Camp Diamont near Bozeman, and
have been a staff member there for the last 5 years; this year there will be
no camp due to some administrative problems but I LOVE it. If you have any
questions feel free to ask!
I hope you find that the pump makes things easier for you once you get all
the dynamics figured out!  Good luck -
Dawn email @ redacted

> I have been using the minimed 508 insulin pump for only  two and 1/2
> weeks.  I use 40-45 units a day with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for 15
> grams of carbohydrates.  because the pump is so new i have many
> questions.  I was diagnosed at the age of 5  and have had diabetes for
> the last 18 years.  For those 18 years i was taking 4 shots a day.  my
> mother is also a diabetic and has been since she was twelve.  I have
> fallen in to DKA only once when i had surgery.  i love to exercise, ride
> bikes, lift weights, go swimming and hiking.  I live in Dillon Montana.

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