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[IP] Tendon Cysts

I am looking for the name of a condition I have involving the growth of 
cysts on the tendons to the fingers. I know the resulting effect if left 
untreated is called claw hand. The worst finger has a cyst about as big 
around as the end of my little finger and protruding about 1/16" to 3/32" 
above the palm of my hand. The other is just discernable by feel and has 
not elevated itself higher than the surface of my palm. Right now there is 
no displacement of the fingers out of vertical when held straight up and my 
orthopaedic surgeon has said we will just observe it until there is 
approximately 1" displacement. As with just about everything else after 
being diabetic for 39 years my doctor said that this is common among 
diabetics. Is there anything that isn't?


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