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[IP] Islet cells -- some reflections

>researchers in Canada are reporting that transplants of insulin-producing 
>cells have freed eight patients with a severe form of diabetes from 
>insulin injections

There are at least two gotcha's and one wait-a-sec:

1. It is far from clear that lifelong administration of the anti-rejection 
drugs poses less of a risk than diabetes alone for most of us. That's one 
of the key things that the continuing research must prove. Others have 
already made this point on the IP list.

2. There is as yet no proof whatsoever that the Type 1 will not recur. IOW, 
whatever immunity deficiency led to the destruction of the Type 1 cells in 
the first place may well lead to the destruction of the transplanted cells. 
That's another thing the continuing research must determine.

3. This is still research. The researchers are very excited and so much the 
better. Thank goodness, the studies are continuing -- may they prosper and 
yield a cure. But there's a LONG way to go before more than a few of us 
(those selected for trials) get to make an appointment for a "beta cell fix".

regards, Andy

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