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Re: [IP] islet cells for who?

Renee, When I read this in th e paper all I could think of was what kind of
crazy doc/person would think that taking 15 shots/day could possibly lead
to stable BGs?  It really is kind of crazy.   The people chosen (and their
physicians) were ones who could not manage to take care of themselves.  And
whoever said that these will be the ones who get the first wave of
transplants was right on.   Is that
 the right thing to do?  I don't know, but that's just the way it is.  I
suspect , however, that if these people are so unable to figure out their
diabetes, they likely have lots of other problems with just daily living.
Right now I'm content to let them be guinea pigs.  At the incredible rate
medical knowledge is increasing these days,  it is quite likely that by the
time your daughter is 50,  all  major diseases will be treatable and cured.
Indeed the time when science can actually prevent the aging process is also
on the horizon.  There's no doubt that this will occur in the foreseeable
future.  Probably not quick enough to save me, but surely our grandkids
will have the option of living forever.  Kind of scary, isn't it.  Society
in a 100 years will be very different.  It will have to be.
-wayn e

<<<<<<<<<<<  The differentiation is a "qaulity of life" decision. Since
these are
initial tests, with unproven safety parameters, the candidates chosen were
restricted to those with "severe" (poor choice of words from the reporter)
diabetes, meaning that they all had severe hypoglycemic unawareness, onset of
complications ( albeit not advanced), and failure to respond to insulin
therapy. One woman was taking 15 hosts per day, another man was being
hospitalized at a rate of 3 times per week, many were having accidents, some
were unable to continue their careers, etc.
  I too cringe at the word "severe", but I hope this explains better what the
reporter failed to convey, especially to those of us "in the know". The
astounding success of the Edmonton trials will now be hopefully repeated in 8
other centers, and if the 100% success rate holds, will be expanded even
Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump-mom)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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