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[IP] Re: Rapids.

On May 27, 2000 Dr. A. Bender, M.D. wrote me in response to a question about 
Rapids length.

>I find the longer ones[ ed. note:  Rapids] last longer. They also are more 
>reliable over time.
>YMMV I can get about 4 days out of one. I use the 10's in my butt and the
>8's in my abdomen. I like the ability to steer the 10's because of their
>longer length. I hate throwing away all that stuff when I have to change a
>site. I find that there is no increase in pain on insertion and the length
>makes no difference in this regard. Neither really hurts.

Greetings-  And once again, thanks for a speedy reply.  I remember your 
saying that you didn't think 'dispersal' might be a problem in using a 
needle length that was too short.  I continue to have unexpected highs (now 
in the late evening) and am daunted by the 'fact' that I need to change my 
evening basal rates once again, or that my evening carb to insulin ratio has 
changed once again (and this time dramatically from 1 unit per 10 to one 
unit for 8 or 7 [and I'm losing weight by somewhat rigid adherance to light 
meals at night]).  Diabetes may not be fun ,but it's always interesting [ 
yes even after 35 years.]!
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