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Re: [IP] islet cells for who?

   I rode home on the train from Washington with a personal friend & 
colleague of the man who discovered the "new" immunosuppressant. Candidly, I 
think I never really believed that my daughter would benefit from a cure, but 
after my "basic science crash course 101" from this researcher ( who also has 
a 9 yr old son with diabetes), he converted me into a "believer" too. 
   The rapamycin had previously been tested on 719 kidney transplant patients 
in 40 centers with highly successful results. Admittedly the "jury is still 
out" on whether unknown effects may appear years hence, but I liken it to 
those who question my decision to "let" ( like I had a choice!) Melissa go on 
ACE inhibitors at age 14, citing the infamous "what if" specter. My reply: 
well considering that her ped nephro AND a renowned researcher I questioned 
BOTh said she'd have been on dialysis within 5 yrs otherwise, do I care TODAY 
if the side effects are unknown??? 
For the 8 patients in Edmonton whose lives were so severely compromised by 
their diabetes (btw, I did not yet determine if any were on pumps? intriguing 
question?), that was a "leap of faith" they were all willing to make.

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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