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Re: [IP] islet cells for who?

> << I always thought that IDDM was IDDM.  no "better or worse" cases.  you
>  either need insulin or you don't. >>
> Ruth,
> I can see it now.  Those type 1s who don't give a "hoot" about what their 
> control is like will get transplanted first.  Those of us on pumps, working 
> our hearts out for good A1c's will be seen as less severe.  I think you're 
> right.  IDDM is IDDM, some of us just refuse to accept wildly inadequate 

Very little has been said about the side effects of taking immune 
suppressing drugs -- that is also no cup of tea and can cause some pretty 
serious problems. The drug they are using is new -- and supposedly better 
than older more commonly used drugs, but there is little history on it 
right now. It might be better to let the eager beavers be the guinea pigs.

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