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Re: [IP] Antibiotics for dentistry

Andrew Bender, M. D. wrote:

> Valvular heart disease is usually a result of rheumatic fever. It is rare
> today. If you have it you need antibiotics.

But sometimes it's genetic or hereditary, I think -- I have mitral valve
regurgitation,  and top end of normal size of the atrium (4.00 where
normal is
 <4.00) but I never had rhematic fever. The regurgitation was confirmed
by testing -- I'm not sure which test does that, but I think it was the

My son was also diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse when he was about
6, and he apparently also has some regurgitation. He never had rheumatic
fever, either. 

At any rate, I do use antibiotics for dentistry, but I don't think it's
necessary for everyone!


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