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[IP] "Vixen" Antibiotics for dentistry -

I don't know why all this stuff got started. Unless you have valvular heart
disease and have damage to the valve leaflets you don't need antibiotics.
Valvular heart disease is usually a result of rheumatic fever. It is rare
today. If you have it you need antibiotics. I'll bet you don't have it.  My
dad is an endodontist and did a lot of research in this area, publishing
several papers in the medical and dental journals. I have a
pacemaker-defibrillator implanted and have wires in my veins. When I asked
him if I needed antibiotics he said don't be silly. That is super defensive
dentistry. Get a letter from your cardiologist or internist that states you
don't need them. My dentists just tell me "take your insulin, eat and come
in without any prep.  Taking antibiotics when you don't need them leads to
resistant organisms and other infections. Just my humble opinion. AB

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