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Re: [IP] The right to refuse antibiotics

I wrote
. Still, my internist won't
> > budge from her position that I must take an antibiotic before dental
> > and I am at my wit's end

Sammi wrote

> My advice is: keep on dentist-shopping!
> .  For years I had to go through that same routine you
> are facing, of being forced to do a week's worth of antibiotics before
> allowed any dental work.  I just assumed that was the norm, so I didn't
> argue.  Two years ago I decided I needed a dentist who was more readily
> available the one I found will find a way to work me in at a> moment's
notice, & does not require the antibiotics.  I , but I do think
> if I were you I'd keep looking.  One thing I've learned from this list is
> that we don't have to "settle" for whatever we're offered, & always accept
> that as being our only option.
> Best of luck!
> Sammi

Thanks for your input.
There is nothing like writing to this list to clarify our thoughts!   After
a few others replied to my posting, I  realized that I am always feeling
conflicted between my internist who is very autocratic and my endo who told
me he is my consultant  and lets me decide what's right for me.  So....all
the dentist wants is a note from ANY doctor to state if I must take the
antibiotic or not.  I like the dentist because he is so gentle and thorough
and also takes all the glucose tabs I am chewing seriously. (He suggested I
always follow them with a sip of water to dilute the sugar so it won't stick
to my teeth and also prescribed a Fluoride mouth wash to use at night.  I am
also throwing out my hard candy as he said that stays longer in contact with
my teeth and cause more damage. I was in the habit of sucking on a candy
cane after taking a couple of glucose tabs for a hypo because then I could
resist overtreating the hypo and would throw away the candy cane as soon as
the shakiness and sweats would go.  Not good for the teeth.

Back to the original problem re the internist refusing to back off from her
position re the antibiotic.  She is the one who has to go.   I had her
office fax the result of my echocardiogram to my endo's office and will see
what he says at my June visit.  It's easier to speak to him in the context
of my regular diabetic checkup than over the phone.  Oh and I have to
remember that the recent flareup of my gastroparesis is tied in not just to
the antibiotic I took, but to the anger that has been seething in me since
all this started. Anger is acid producing and bad for the teeth!   :-)

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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