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[IP] 504 plans/ substitute teachers

>>Something else really scary but entirely true - I'm in my 12th year of
teaching in a public school system (also did 2 years of subbing) & until
joining this list, I had never heard of a 504 plan! <<

I had never heard of a 504 plan either until I joined this list.  Josh has 
always had an IEP because he has learning disabilities and his diabetes was 
always included with that.  I have a unique situation with Josh since he is 
in high school- my oldest daughter is the librarian there.  When I asked her 
about a 504, she told me that the schools don't mention them and don't like 
them because it makes them legally liable for what is covered under the plan. 
 My solution every year has been to print up a one page summary of symptoms, 
what to do, phone numbers, etc. and have it copied on neon colored paper.  I 
deliver these to school and have two placed in each of Josh's teachers' 
mailboxes (one for the teacher, one for the substitute folder) with a note 
encouraging the teacher to call if he has any questions.  Under symptoms, I 
always include the worst case scenario (coma, death) to get their attention.  
This has worked well since Josh started middle school.  Also, I have never 
asked where or when Josh can test his blood sugar.  I write on the paper that 
he does it as needed and it has never been questioned.
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