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Re: [IP] Interesting morning...

> What a morning.  I got up at 7:30 a.m. did 
> a bg check, 135.  Started my fast, in one 
> hour (8:30 a.m.) bg was 207.  One hour after 
> that was 201, hovered around 200 the rest 
> of the morning when at 11:30 a.m. I said
> "enough, it's not going anywhere".  
I too get that post wake-up rise irregardless of food...

Also irregardless of wakeup time... Simply a 100-150 
point rise following wakeup.  Some evolutionary quirk 
no doubt.  Perhaps our people were meant to do the bulk 
of our work in the morning and take a siesta later on 
in the day...

Where do your ancestors hail from?  I'm a mix of 
various northern european tribes (primarily welsh and 
norse) on my moms side and a mix of hebrew/german plus 
a dash of native american on my dad's.

-Sara G.

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