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Re: [IP] The right to refuse antibiotics

> When my dentist died  I tried two new dentists. Each one required (unlike
> old dentist)that I be premedicated before any dental work (even a
> because I have a heart murmur. An echocardiogram done two years ago showed
> that I am in the low risk category (no valve regurgitation) in terms of
> developing a heart infection from dental work. Still, my internist won't
> budge from her position that I must take an antibiotic before dental work
> and I am at my wit's end


My advice is: keep on dentist-shopping!  I have what is called a "functional
heart murmur"...which has been explained to me as an arhythmiatic pattern
that allows everything in there to work as it should.  In other words, if I
DIDN'T "dance to a different beat", THEN I'd be in trouble as far as
potential problems go.  For years I had to go through that same routine you
are facing, of being forced to do a week's worth of antibiotics before being
allowed any dental work.  I just assumed that was the norm, so I didn't
argue.  Two years ago I decided I needed a dentist who was more readily
available (mine was so booked up that there was a two-week wait for
emergency work)...the one I found will find a way to work me in at a
moment's notice, & does not require the antibiotics.  I was also extremely
impressed that, upon my first visit as a pumper, I didn't need to explain
anything to her when asking about x-rays...she is very up on treatment
options for any of her regular patients' medical conditions, & she had
really done her homework.  I don't know if there are any lists for those
with dental difficulties, that offer "good dentist" listings, but I do think
if I were you I'd keep looking.  One thing I've learned from this list is
that we don't have to "settle" for whatever we're offered, & always accept
that as being our only option.

Best of luck!

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