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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #197-bg rise with waking

Linda A wrote:

<<I also have this pattern;  I need about an extra unit in the morning, but
only around the time of waking up.  I can do it by raising my basals before
and during the waking up time, but then if I oversleep I am likely to go
hypoglycemic, so usually I just bolus a unit when I wake up.  It does seem
work a little more smoothly if I have raised the basals (and also seems to
require a little less insulin).  If I exercise in the morning before eating
and without bolusing, my glucose level goes up rather than down.  If I eat,
also need more insulin per carb (1:10 rather than 1:15 for me).  At age 53
and after 45 years on insulin, I think I have some decreased sensitivity to
insulin issues also, and wonder if this is not part of the problem.>>


I have this problem and one unit won't even come close to taking care of it.
We've tried raising my morning basal, taking 2u per 15g of carb for
breakfast, and just like clockwork, no matter what I do, my bg after
breakfast is very high.  Tomorrow I'm doing a morning fast just to see how
much my bg goes up in the morning without breakfast.  My CDE tells me that
it's caused by a hormone and some people just get a bigger kick from it in
the morning.  I think someone called it cortisol?

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000

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