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[IP] breakfast & bubbles

My son, Andrew, 5 yrs. dx @ 14 mo. pumping 8 mo. has always had problems
w/ highs after breakfast and lows after 10am. We had hoped the pump would
"fix" that, but like you said, it's just his body. We did find that
cereal/milk, even the low glycemic tpyes, were a huge problem. He now has
waffles, pancakes, yogurt, gogurts and high protein breakfasts and that
has helped quite a bit....which surprised us.  We have pretty much
accepted the higher numbers between 8-10 and concentrate on avoiding the
dramatic drops. We have the rest a the day pretty much under control so
it's just that darn morning craziness that we have to deal with. 

Since Andrew takes only 10-12 units a day, any air bubbles make a big
difference. We now load 5 Disetronic cartidges at a time from one insulin
bottle and store them in the fridge (a great recommedation from here,
thanks so much!) so we have far less bubbles now. We also use a plastic
cliip case, clipped upside down so any bubbles that do occur are at the
opposite end of the set...and more noticeable. 

Hope this helps...would love to hear any other breakfast or bubble ideas.

God Bless! Cari 
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