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[IP] Suegb(Australia)

I have exactly the same problem! I usually wake up on the low side, 40-60, and
just rise from then on. This happens regardless if I eat or not. I have taken
3 units(without eating) and still rise. I recently started a new basal during
the night that starts at 3am and lasts til 9am. It's just a .1 increase, but
seems to make some difference. I am hesitant to make too large of an increase
because I have had hypo unawareness and am very worried about that. I know I
need to make an attempt to check during the night, just to rule out nighttime
hypos, but I am awake so much during the night and have never found this to be
occurring at those times. Maybe you will need an increase for this "dawn
phenomena" also. Have you discussed this with your Dr or CDE? Good luck as I
know this can be very frustrating to deal with. Denise

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