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Re: [IP] Cereal and Breakfast...

Dawn wrote:

<<Congrats on going on your pump!!!!  Have you finished all the basal
as of yet?  I know if took me a long time to get the over night testing
done, well two weeks actually but it seemed longer than that!
I was wondering if you drink coffee in the morning with or before your
breakfast?  >>

No, Dawn, I don't drink coffee.  I've decided my high after breakfast has
nothing to do with what I eat, it just has to do with me.  Evidently I need
more of that hormone to get my motor running in the am and it just sends my
bgs through the roof after breakfast, then it drops dramatically after 10:00
am.  I did a nighttime basal test, using .4 through the night, at bedtime I
was 124, 3am - 94, 7am - 114.  I thought that was pretty good, small drop at
3am but not real large.  This was with no snack at bedtime.  Now, I know
they don't want your sugar going too low through the night, but what did
they tell me to do?  Raise the basal to .5 from midnight to 6am and eat an
unbolused 1-carb snack before bedtime.  I gotta read em the riot act on this
one.  Now my bg is over 150 at 3am and close to 200 at 7am!  And, I'm still
over the moon after breakfast.  Don't think that solved anything except
getting me HIGHER!  Sheesh... I just may have to learn to live with the jump
after breakfast since it goes down about 3 hours after.

I'm planning to do a morning basal test (if I can get a good beginning bg)
tomorrow, so maybe I'll know more what is going on there.  Then I'll do
afternoons and evenings after that, since I don't have too terribly many
problems with those times of day.

Other than that the pumping is going good.  Still trying to learn how to
handle meals out.  Last night for dinner I had a small side salad, baked
potato, 1/2 med dinner roll, 5oz of sirloin steak, and a glass of white zin.
I bolused 4.0 (8g carb for the salad, 40g carb for the potato, 10g carb for
the 1/2 roll, and 1.4 g for the wine).  And voila was 120 one hour after
dinner!  Success!  I think the problem for me is the potatoes.  I need to
figure much more for them than I was.  What I did was take an average potato
at home, stick it on my gram scale and it weighed about 5oz.  At that point
I realized that those restaurant potatoes were about twice that size and so
I know to bolus closer to 50 for them.  I don't eat the whole thing, so 40
sounded good to me and it worked.  Experiment, experiment, experiment...

Assimilated with Max 5/15/2000

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