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[IP] Poor Vision and filling cartridge

>unable to fill the MM cartridge without help because the insulin is clear 
>and difficult to see.

I am not really familiar with the way the MM cartridges work, do they
have markings on the side of them that show how full to fill it? Is she
having trouble seeing the markings, or is this more of an issue of not
being able to see any air bubbles? The plastic cartridges for the D have
markings on them, and Shane has a hard time with them because of his
eyesight. However, the glass cartridges don't have markings, you just
fill them all the way up until the rubber stopper is at the end, which
can be done pretty much by touch. Shane has no problem with them.
Unfortunately, we have a harder time getting the air bubbles out of
them. Our solution is to use the plastic ones, and I just fill them for
him since its not a problem for me to see it. Would this woman have a
friend or spouse or healthcare worker who could help her? They could
fill several at a time for her, we fill a month's supply at once, it
doesn't take long and doesn't have to be done often. Also, as Brian
pointed out, the new D will have prefilled cartridges available, and it
wouldn't surprise me if MM did something similar.
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