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[IP] Must say Goodbye for now

Well Everyone

I just had to write to the list and say Goodbye.  I will be leaving the 
list and the net for awhile until I get moved and a new computer system.  I 
wanted to write and wish everyone well and to say I will see you all later 
in the summer.

I have been apart of the IP list for over a year and a half and has been a 
GREAT help to me to take more control of my life.

For those of you trying to get the pump keep the fight up and going  never 
settle for "no" or "maybe later".

For those of you that just started pumping good luck and stick with 
it   sometimes it seems its not going good or not worth it  just stick with 
it and it will get better with time.

For the experienced pumpers   PUMP ON!!

Now for some of the behind the "curtain" members  (the Adm staff):  what 
can i say about you guys and yes I also mean the UK, Scan, 
German,  etc..  lists  you guys work your butts off and have the best and 
most psychotic personalities I have known  (which when it comes to a few of 
you and you know who you are you give a whole new meaning to the work 
psychotic  lol)  you have been a great bunch to work with.  And I am hoping 
I will be back  to "hang around" with you all ( ok ok Sam  I'll say it: 
ya'll )  again soon.

For Michael:  I must say you have gone WAY out of the way on this site and 
provided the BEST support for us pumpers/pumper families that could be 
asked of anyone.  You have my and I best Most if not all the IPers highest 
appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work and advice that you give 

For MJ:  MJ I wish you the Best with everything and I wanted to thank you 
the most for all that you have done on my behalf (yes and that includes the 
Scoldings you gave me when I first joined the IP site, all the effort when 
I was asked to join the ranks of the IP Administration, and not allowing 
the older Adm staff to invite me to the "New IP Adm Bar-B-Q"  lol).   I 
will chat with you again as soon as I get back online.

I wish you all the best of luck with pumping and I will see you all again soon.

Brian Carter RN
22 years old
pancreaticly challenged 8 years
pumping 6 years
IP member 1 1/2 years
IP Adm  1 year

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