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[IP] Cereal and Breakfast...

Hi Roselea,
Congrats on going on your pump!!!!  Have you finished all the basal testing
as of yet?  I know if took me a long time to get the over night testing
done, well two weeks actually but it seemed longer than that!
I was wondering if you drink coffee in the morning with or before your
breakfast?  I only drink two cups of coffee and right after I went on the
pump my CDE noticed a rise in my bg from my fasting to the time I actually
ate breakfast(I don't like to eat breakfast right away, I want to sit and
enjoy my coffee first)  So the plan she devised was to have me take a 3.0
bolus just for the coffee!  I thought this was strange and I was the only
one having to do this but my new pump trainer actually has a whole basal
rate set up for when she is drinking her coffee in the a.m.  So maybe it's
the coffee?  As we love to say YMMV but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Good luck!
Dawn and Bluestar, pump buddies since 4.20.99

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