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Re: [IP] Soccer and lows

> So, try outs 2nd night is Thurs. I think we will change what we do, and NO 
> CORRECTIONS huh? Live and learn.
> Does it seem strange that the exercise drop would happen so far from the game 
> end? This was over 4 hours, more like 6-8 hours....I know Michael can help 
> with this one.

I started Ultimate Frisbee season last week and had my first game on
Thursday. About one hour into the game, my blood sugar was at 68, not too
horrible, had some juice *and* a kudos bar (~45 carbs total). The game
continued on for another 2 hours. At the end of the game I was feeling
pretty good but my blood sugar was about 180. Now having done this for a
few years I *knew* I was gonna crash soon. I had a veggie burger about an
hour after the game, check my BG and back to 131. About 2 hours later I
was at 52, crashing away. I had two glasses of OJ and some cheese and
crackers. I then went to be and low-and-behold, woke up at 131.

So the moral of my story is, after three hours of hard running, YES I will
crash :)

-Jef Lepine

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