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Re: [IP] Soccer and lows

> Does it seem strange that the exercise drop would happen so far from
> the game end? This was over 4 hours, more like 6-8 hours....I know
> Michael can help with this one.

I can only relate what happens to Lily. She may experience either a 
high or low during exercise -- I think it depends on how much 
available insulin she has at the time. I've tried to encourage her to 
have a small snack -- even crackers + insulin -- before games. I 
think that helps to make sure there is insulin available for the 
muscles to use when they need energy. Perhaps Delaine or someone 
familiar with exercise physiology can remark on this. 

In any event, after hard exercise Lily will always run low for a 
time. If it is just a single game or workout, usually not more than 8 
- 10 hours. If it is an entire weekend, she lowers basals (nightime) 
for a couple of days during and a day after by a tenth. For the 
single game event she just lowers basals for the first few hours of 
sleep (until 4:30AM) by a tenth. This works pretty good for her, YMMV
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