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[IP] Soccer and lows

Hi gang,

Kevin had try-outs for 2 hours lastnight with soccer for a Challenge League. 
He ran harder and longer than usual, but we thought he would react like he 
usually does after practice or games. NOT! 

Normally he has a dump of glucose and after playing we see #'s in the 200's. 
This time, after, he was 100! And that was after juice and only bolusing part 
of him pre-play meal. We were stumped. So, knowing he normally goes LOW in 
2-4 hours, he sipped some soda. An hour later he was 150 and we were 
cautiously optimistic. We let him have an apple as a "free-bee" and at 11pm 
(4 hours after playing) he was 224! 

Ok, we bolused 1/2 unit thinking the apple was too much of a free-bee. We 
checked again at 12 mn and he was down to 150 again. THANKFULLY we checked 
him again at 1:00 am because that is  when it all kicked in and he was 88. 
Yikes. Big drop from 224 and only 1/2 unit correction. So I checked at 1:30 
and he was 70! Time for juice. 1/2 later he only rose 30 points when he would 
have gone 50 normally. I figured he was still dropping when he got the juice.

So, try outs 2nd night is Thurs. I think we will change what we do, and NO 
CORRECTIONS huh? Live and learn.

Does it seem strange that the exercise drop would happen so far from the game 
end? This was over 4 hours, more like 6-8 hours....I know Michael can help 
with this one.


Mom to Kevin, 12, pumping 1 year
dx 12/98
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