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[IP] My "un" cake

Here's the update on my "no cake" birthday. After having that epiphany and
realizing that I didn't have to have a cake for my birthday, my husband
pulled a fast one on me. He told me just before dinner yesterday that he
did get me a cake -- it was my birthday afterall, and a birthday just isn't
the same without a birthday cake. I took a deep breath and tried not to get
mad. I didn't want a cake, darn it! But he had this impish grin on his
face... he wouldn't say anything more, and I was left to wonder all through
dinner. I was mentally preparing for another "cake battle."

After dinner and opening cards and gifts, Brian (my husband) announced that
it was time for the cake. He and our son went into the kitchen and started
making all kinds of noise, getting plates out of the cupboard, etc. I heard
matches being struck against the side of the box. A few seconds later, they
walked into the living room carrying a plate with birthday candles burning.
The candles were stuck not in cake, but in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!!
If you think about it, they look just like short cupcakes, right? It was
PERFECT!  I still got to blow out the candles, and everyone got a piece of
"cake." I think it's the start of a new tradition.

Mary Jean
38 years, 1 day, and counting....

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