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Re: [IP] pump differences..again...

RE[IP] pump differences..again...(was infusion sets)
>>>>>It isn't really a simple touch of a button. to get a bolus with the 
Disetronic. There are several steps to do it. Someone could not accidntly

bolus. They would have to know how to do it.

Barbara B.<<<<

OH YES IT IS! or either I have a very smart 17 month old.  When I sit at
the computer and my pump is attached to the waist of my pants my son will
push a button until it beeps and he knows that it has to be held down to
beep the first time(that's when you get the pump ready to bolus) Then he
will continue to push to hear the beeps.  With the D pump you can
increase your bolus with the same button you used to tell it you want to
bolus. The button you use after that would be your decrease button.He had
me ready to get 1.5 units one time before I stopped him.  No problem to
clear though, just put the pump in stop mode and then back into run.  It
cancels the bolus. 

Sheila-Mom to three who all like to "push my buttons"
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