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[IP] Looking for knowledgable Doctor in southern Ohio

Hello fellow pumpers,
    I have only been on-line with you for a short time but am amazed at all the emails that come in.  My name is Rosemary and I am a 45 yr old who was diagnosed at age 10. So I guess by earlier comments I've outlived my time by a quarter of a century already!  Anyway, I just got the mini-med put on last July of "99 in North Carolina, and then in September My husband took a job in Wilmington, Ohio. It's a small town about 45 minutes northeast of Cincinnati.  Located an endo in Cinti., but frankly I don't think he knows squat about pumps!  Can anyone out there advise on a good Doctor in this area?
    Or perhaps between Cinti. and Dayton, as either would be about an hour to drive to? I'd really appreciate it!  I got put on the pump primarily to treat my "lows". Began passing out without warning, that was a time I'd rather forget!  Didn't make me too popular at work either. I began to hear lots of resentments from co-workers about how I had to get an earlier lunch break time, was working from 8:30 to 5:00, and usually was left to wait with clients till the 1 o'clock lunch as co-workers just left the building at either 11:30 or 12:00!  Also, my supervisor wouldn't allow me to drive the vans anymore because of the pass-out at work, though I'd never driven any clients when low in the last 5 years there!  So that hurt me and bothered the as well.  One even said she wasn't paid enough to have to baby-sit me!  I told her I didn't need or want a sitter, I was simply asked by my boss to share my condition with them so they'd be aware of symptoms of lows!  My bosses had always known, I don't hide my condition, but nor do I tell everyone either!  I was a good worker and my work history proves it!  In fact, I've worked at various jobs since the age of 14, but am now so shaken by that last job experience that I think I've lost my confidence. I feel as soon as I report my condition to any prospective employers here in Ohio, they'll smile and say, "Don't call us, we'll call you", you know?  But, truthfully, since I got the mini-med 507-C, I haven't passed out once!  Yes, I've gotten low, but I test at least 6 or more times a day!  So, if I'm low, I drink apple juice in the little boxes, 15 grs. per box and then eat some protein to keep me stable till next meal time.  And no offense, but I don't believe in bragging about how low some of us have gotten and still been conscious! The lows can and do kill people!!!  My worst low was when I mistakenly took my shot before we went out to eat dinner.  It was sort of a fast-food place and I remember ordering, but that's all I remember!  My husband tried to give me Coke, but later said I just kept throwing up! The restaurant called 911 and some time later I awoke in the ER where the Dr. said my bg was 5!  I was soooooo cold, I couldn't stop shaking and shivering, thank God he finally told the ER nurses to get me blankets and a heat lamp cause my temp had dropped to 96.5!  Not a good evening at all, and my stomach remained upset for some time afterward too.  So, everyone, please remember if you're coherent at 32 or 22, it doesn't matter nor is it a badge of honor. Eat, drink but mostly keep testing often and treat lows as soon as you see them!!! ok? Thanks!!!!