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Re: RE[IP] pump differences..again...(was infusion sets)

><<the Disetronic you can only block the basal rates in so with a
>simple touch of a button someone could bolus my son when he didn't need it 
>- very scary!   that was our main concern. >>
   Oh My!! It seems we get wrong info/impressions with the different 
features of the available pumps. There isn't ANY pump out there that can 
easily bolus accidentally...so  this is a "pro any pump" reply! I am a 
Disetronic pumper and would have bolused the silliness out of myself if it 
could be done with a single quick button push  :)  It is simple but not 
able to happen accidentally.....hold down a button for a bit until the 
screen changes and it beeps, then press another button repeatedly to 
increase the bolus in increments...beeps for each button push.
   I AM assuming that you aren't talking about another child just fooling 
around pushing buttons at will...that would be a problem for ANY pump 
user!  Safety is on ALL of the pump company's minds when designing.
Good luck with your final choice...pumping is GREAT!!  Carole Eve

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