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Re: [IP] Fwd: Log Sheets

Sue!   If you have a decent log sheet it would be a blessing! I carry 
around a thick but small notebook and scribble all of it (which isn't that 
easy for my CDE or Dr to read). I have always been very thorough with my 
log books and now that I am pumping (17 days now!!), I haven't found ways 
to record all the rest in an organized manner. If there is a way for me to 
get a copy of that log sheet, I would be very grateful! I have become 
friendly with both the Disetronic company and Liberator Medical Supply....I 
am going to put in a request for just such a log book to be created for us. 
Knowing both company's enthusiastic customer service departments, I am sure 
this will become available very soon!! Your sample might just help get it 
off the ground! Thanks for your help...Carole Eve

At 07:36 PM 5/23/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Jackie - I have some very good log sheets that I get where I goto mt CDE 
>and CDiet. Let Me know your address and I will slow mail you one, or if 
>you still need one by nest week let me know and maybe my husband could 
>scan one or something.  I'm not too good with a computer.  But I am 
>leaving tomorrow for dog shows and won't be back till late nest wed. I 
>think these have exactly what you want.  Sue DePinto.
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>>Subject: [IP] Fwd: Log Sheets
>>Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 17:17:26 EDT
>>Has anyone come up with a complete log sheet idea where I can document my
>>times, bg's, basals, bolus and best of all carbs/types and numbers?  This
>>cute little log books which have always been available are just not large
>>enough to write all the daily info.  I need some ideas on how to log each
>>days, readings, carbs, etc.  Hope you understand what I
>>mean..........Thanks........Jackie P
>>P.S. You may email me directly.
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