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Re: [IP] Neuropathy Helper

><<My Neurologist told me to use Solarcaine!!>>

I have been on a very effective treatment for extremely painful neuropathy. 
I went to a Pain Clinic as a last resort and was put on Neurontin....an 
epilepsy med. It calms the nerves down that are sending inappropriate pain 
messages. It was an absolute quality of life change for me!! They were just 
about ready to put me on a morphine pump (I am VERY anti-narcotic 
....someday I might NEED them with all the arthritis that is forming from 
breaking my back). They used to use Wellbutrin and/or Klonopin for 
neuropathy but Neurontin is WONDERFUL....I was losing a lot of mobility 
(and SLEEP) from the pain.  P.S. It IS quite expensive if you have to pay 
out of pocket, though.  :(
Carole Eve  (pumping 16 days and still adjusting frequently....when my pump 
and I see "eye to eye" he/she will get a name  :) )

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